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Attraction Oil

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Our Attraction Oil is crafted with various herbs, roots and oils whose metaphyscal properties promote new opportunities & good fortune. It can be utilized whether you’re trying to attract a new relationship, career, money, success or romance or just good luck in general. Every ingredient has metaphysical properties of ATTRACTION, with the main ingredient extracted from a master jar of lodestone oil. A lodestone is a natural magnet. It is held in high regard as a powerful amulet and all-around good luck charm because it’s magnetic influences are know to attract love, money, power, influence, etc.

These energies compel your target, (whether it is a person, promotion, peaceful energy, positive vibes, etc.) to come to you... instead of having to chase your target down.

This oil was inspired by the laws of attraction, & is simply for...
✨ Attracting what you desire
✨ Being Desired
✨ Attraction Spells
✨ Compelling
✨ Commanding
✨ Passion, Desire, Lust

*External Use Only
*Skin Safe

Some Affirmations for manifesting healthy connections:

"I am surrounded by love."
"I enjoy meeting new people."
"My heart is full of love and ready to share."
"I am open to love in all forms."
"I spread love and it returns to me."

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