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Black Protection Salt

R 130

Helps to get rid of negative energy, cleanses the environment, restores good energy, purifies and helps banish unwanted obstacles. It can change the energy of your home, office, car or any place that you feel needs to be cleansed or purified.

How to use black salt

Keep it in your cay

Carry it with you

Keep some under your bed to ward away nightmares

Leave a sachet of it some place you want to remove the negative energy from

Sprinkle around your yard to block bad energies from entering your house household

Mop the floors to have a protection shield in your house

Align salts across the window it Will help block/get rid of bad energies from getting inside your house

Bath with it to have a protection shield over yourself and your life

Sprinkle a little bit of black salt behind an unwanted guest to make them leave, to keep them from coming back be sure to sweep the black salt up and dispose of it away from your home

Keep some black salt in each room of your home to remove negative energy, just remember to replace it often since black salt absorbs negativity.


Due to the handmade nature of our salts, the color may vary from time to time.

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