Essential Oils

Attraction Oil picture

Our Attraction Oil is crafted with various herbs, roots and oils whose metaphyscal properties promote new opportunities & good fortune. It can be…

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Banishing Oil picture

A powerful blend that helps to rid yourself of bad habits, negative energy, people and situations. It has the ability to help you break through block…

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Business Oil picture

Business Entrepreneur Oil is 20ml bottle that:

▪️Brings prosperity to businesses, especially entrepreneur businesses.

▪️If you need more financial succ…

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Circle of Protection Oil picture

▪️Perfect to use on your spell candles, on your body to protect you from


▪️Psychic attack

▪️Negative energy/entities

▪️Repel negative energy

▪️On w…

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Confusion Oil picture

🌓 Confusion Oil is a traditional and potent conjure oil which is designed for the purpose of disorientating those that are working against you and ca…

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Court Case Oil picture

This oil is spelled to aid in bringing justice to a situation or court, this is to help win court cases in a situation where you have been wronged, F…

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Crown Of Success Oil picture

The Crown of Success oil blend has been designed to aid in the manifestation of success and achievement of your particular desire. The Crown of Succe…

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Full Moon Oil picture

🌓The full moon brings forward a time of manifestation, power, strength and possibility; considered by many to be one of the strongest magickal points…

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Manifest Oil picture

▪️To manifest something is to bring it from the airy realms of the mind, from imagination and possibility- into the tangible realms of Earth; of phys…

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Money Drawing Oil picture

▪️Draw in abundance and prosperity while banishing hexes and business attacks

▪️Attract money, gaing wealth and increase luck & success



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Red Fast Luck Oil picture

🌓 Use to quickly turn things in your favour and attract good luck.

🌓Use when seeking to accomplish a particular desire or solve an unexpected problem;…

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Road Opener Oil picture

🌓Road Opener Oil (Abre Camino) is one of the most well-known and versatile spell oils that you can hold.

🌓This conjure oil has been handcrafted for th…

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Stop Gossip Oil picture

▪️Putting a stop to gossip & to lies

▪️Confusing the one who gossips about you.

▪️Binding a malicious tongue

▪️Invoking karma into action

▪️Benefits …

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