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Crown Of Success Oil

R 150

The Crown of Success oil blend has been designed to aid in the manifestation of success and achievement of your particular desire. The Crown of Success spell oil isn't limited to financial success, but can aid in a job interview, studies or simply anything that you may have your heart set on, giving you that push needed towards victory!

🌓 Use in the daily manifestation of new opportunities.

🌓Use when seeking to fulfil a particular desire, such as searching for a job or seeking a promotion.

🌓 Use to aid if you wish to grow your business and bring success.

🌓Use before a test or examination if you are studying.

🌓 Use when you desire recognition or in a competitive setting.

🌓Use in spell and ritual work to power the working and manifest successful results.


How To Use:

-✨Anoint yourself (wrists, forehead, etc.) while concentrating on your desire.


-✨Anoint doorknobs and doorframes at your place of business.


✨Anoint your money, working space or business cards.


- Use the crown of success oil in manifestation spells and rituals.

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