Green Aventurine | Luck | Business | Prosperity | Abundance | Good Fortune picture

Green Aventurine | Luck | Business | Prosperity | Abundance | Good Fortune

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The luckiest crystal of them all, sparkling green aventurine shimmers with a positive winning energy. It attracts prosperity, abundance and good fortune into your life, and even empowers you to create your own luck!

▪️Green aventurine is thought to be the luckiest of all the crystals.

▪️Full of winning energy it is a positive stone for manifesting prosperity, wealth and abundance.

▪️It not only brings good fortune, but also provides opportunities to help you to create your own luck.

▪️An excellent stone for success in new ventures, aventurine encourages creativity and perseverance while reinforcing leadership qualities and decisiveness.

▪️With its strong connection to Mother Earth, green aventurine helps you to feel more at one with nature, providing a deeper appreciation of its soothing effect on your mind, body and soul.

▪️Wearing aventurine is also said to protect against environmental pollution and electromagnetic smog.

▪️Comforting and healing, green aventurine stabilises your state of mind, activating the heart chakra to calm your nerves and emotions and help you to banish anger, irritation and negativity from your life.

⛔️Cleansing and charging green aventurine.

As it is quite high on the hardness scale aventurine is safe to clean and cleanse by holding under running water to wash away any negativity and keep its winning energy at full capacity. With its powerful connection to nature aventurine loves to be placed close to plants and foliage to charge.

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