Home & Business Floor Wash

R 180

▪️Use this warm and rich smelling floor wash to bless your business space before opening in the mornings.

▪️It is not only a home that gets affected, your business can also equally contain unwanted residual energies that are affecting the performance of your business and the employees who work there too.

▪️There may be too many disharmonious feelings amongst the employees and family members that all too often lead to too many arguments and ill feelings.

▪️Or the energies within the business are keeping your customers away.

▪️Either way, a spiritual cleansing of your business property and home will serve it well for the future.

▪️Included are 7 powerful herbs known for cleansing, purification, warding off evil spirits, warding off danger, protection, and to promote peace and harmony

Business & Home Spiritual Floor Wash | Business Blessing | Peace | Abundance 

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