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Manifest Oil

R 150

▪️To manifest something is to bring it from the airy realms of the mind, from imagination and possibility- into the tangible realms of Earth; of physical reality.

▪️This oil was crafted to help you create your life desires, see your goals fulfilled and work towards living the life of your dreams.

▪️Great to use for people looking for employment

▪️For use when you have an important interview


How to use:

⛔️You can wear this Oil on the body

▪️Add some drops to a ritual bath,

▪️Use to wash down furniture

▪️Dab on important documents and bank statements.

▪️Use for work-related abundance and manifestation, put a couple drops on your business cards or dab some on the cash in your wallet.


▪️Leave it by your front door to draw in abundant energy.

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