Money Drawing Oil picture

Money Drawing Oil

R 150

▪️Draw in abundance and prosperity while banishing hexes and business attacks

▪️Attract money, gaing wealth and increase luck & success



⛔️Mist your palms whenever you're about to undertake some money making venture, ▪️ask for a bank loan, ▪️make that big sales pitch, ▪️or trying to move whatever you've got to sell either in your shop, at an event, or in your own home business (even if that's a yard sale or online!)

▪️May also be used as a body oil to attract money to you or applied to registers, cash boxes, spell candles, etc. draw money into your place of business


Recite these mantras while using this oil:

Money flows continuously

Money comes to me easily

Money shine all the time

Money is all mine

I am a money magnet

Money flows internationally

Prosperity is all mine

Money stays in my pocket all the time

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