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Red Fast Luck Oil

R 150

πŸŒ“ Use to quickly turn things in your favour and attract good luck.

πŸŒ“Use when seeking to accomplish a particular desire or solve an unexpected problem; such as getting a new job, paying an unexpected bill, etc.

πŸŒ“Use to manifest good luck in love but please note, this particular oil isn't intended to bring long-term or committed love! For that goal, please look to my other love oils.

πŸŒ“This conjure oil could bring success when gambling.

πŸŒ“Use to strengthen mojo bag's, charms, amulets such as lodestones, etc.

⛔️ Caution: Red Fast Luck Oil is not intended to be used to anoint yourself! Use gloves as it contains ingredients such as wintergreen essential oil, a necessary component for this traditional recipe but one that can cause skin irritation. Use only to anoint items/clothes/places/in spell work.

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