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Road Opener Oil

R 150

🌓Road Opener Oil (Abre Camino) is one of the most well-known and versatile spell oils that you can hold.

🌓This conjure oil has been handcrafted for the purpose of cleansing the psyche as well as clearing the way of obstacles and stagnant patterns in order to welcome new opportunities and growth into your life.

🌓If you've reached a point where you feel a lack of direction, blocked or simply stuck then this spell oil will aid you to open the doors to progress and put you back on track.

🌓This conjure oil is effective for any matter that you are feeling challenged in as it works to remove negative/toxic energy as well as bad luck in order for good luck, new possibilities and growth to flow in.

🌓The Road Opener Oil contains genuine road opener herb ("Abre Camino"), a plant known for its incredible magickal properties in purifying the psyche and cleansing away unwanted energy; an essential ingredient in any Road Opener Oil.

Anoint yourself (wrists, forehead, etc.) while concentrating on your desire.


-✨Anoint doorknobs and doorframes at your place of business.


✨Anoint your money, working space or business cards.


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