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Spell Breaker Body Wash

R 250

▪️ Included is a herb that, Energetically has been used for centuries to chase away negative intrusions, particular depression, envy, unwanted spiritual entities, and the residue of illness

▪️ Cleanses, and to both ward off and push out unseen forces that cause harm and stagnation

▪️Removes magic that has been done against you

▪️Breaks any spells that are negativily influencing your life and holding you back

▪️Shields the auric field from psychic attacks, spells, curses and hexes

▪️ It has applications within binding love magic, driving out other love interests, for better or worse.

▪️This is for you if you suspect your partner is under a spell by someone else.

▪️Can be used to safeguard children from harmful influence and sorcery.

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