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Wealth & Abundance Spray

R 150

🌸One of our most popular oils are now in a spray! Our Wealth & Abundance Mist is perfect for any situation where you need more money (and who doesn’t need more money?!).

🌿Use it when you are facing financial strain or need help with bills, when your job is unstable or you want a raise, when your business needs a boost, or you just want more cash to spend!

This spray includes Tiger's Eye and Opal crystals which have been used for centuries to attract wealth. We also use our own herb-infused oils to make sure you get the most benefit – plus it smells amazing! There are many effective ways to use the Wealth & Abundance Mist.

🌳During a full or waxing moon, spray your front door to attract wealth. Spray some in the heel of your shoe, spray your cash register, loans/loan applications, credit cards, business plans, or your wallet or purse.

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